IntentNative: An ad network that serves native ads based on user intent


IntentNative is building an advertising network to help websites make more money than Google AdSense by showing ads natively and targeting based on user intent.

The rise of Generative AI is transforming traditional sites with static content to interactive experiences where users ask questions, and give instructions, to AI agents. We think there are opportunities in these areas:

  1. This new UX captures a richer and stronger user intent, but traditional audience segments fail to use this detail.
  2. User content in text, image, or video is also generated in realtime, but existing campaign types don’t fit in.
  3. AI agents can help a user immediately purchase an item without navigating to another page.


Most sites use digital advertising networks that target ads based on a user’s browsing history, demographic data or aggregate audience segment. These sites have static content that users passively consume, so they know little about users’ intent. Additionally, success is a user clicking on an ad, since these websites cannot get a user to immediately buy a product.

On the other hand, highly interactive and shopping-specific apps like Amazon and Instacart have built their own ad marketplaces based on user-intent, which monetizes significantly better. Targeting is improved since they know a user’s search query and past purchase history. Content is dynamically generated based on user’s interaction. Ads are higher ROI since users can immediately make a purchase.


The rise of large language models (LLMs) enables:

  1. Natural language understanding at scale → We expect more sites will become interactive, and that users will be prompting, and interact with, most websites in a matter of time
  2. Dynamic content everywhere → More sites will generate content based on user interaction
  3. AI agents to make purchases on users’ behalf → We expect most sites can get users to immediately make a purchase

As more websites understand user intent, generate content that responds to user interaction, and can directly convert users, they will be missing out on revenue by going with a browsing, demographic, or aggregate ad networks like Google AdSense. These websites won’t want to, or have the resources to, build their own intent-based ad marketplace. That’s why we’re building a plug-and-play intent-based ad network.

Additionally, LLM products like Runway are computationally expensive. To reduce cost, they have to compromise on user experience like response time, etc. This new ad network also offers an opportunity to access another revenue channel to offset the cost and enable more growth, without sacrificing user experience.

How this could work