Patrick Lung

Patrick Lung

I am a product manager at Uniswap working on web3 infrastructure. I am based in San Francisco.

✨ Web3

I’m passionate about multi-sided networks, hyperstructures, and NFTs. Always happy to chat.

Twitter: @Patrick_Lung

Some of my favourite NFTs

💼 Work

I've worked with teams and companies of all sizes, from joining early-stage startups as head of product or first product hire, to leading large teams of 15+ cross-functional collaborators at Lyft or 25+ engineers at Microsoft.

My focus has been on building consumer experiences, growing product usage in a data-driven manner, and leading highly technical projects. I like working on big visions and small details.

🏠 Personal Life

I surf, hike, and social dance bachata.

I am shaped by my past:

  • I represented Canada in international tournaments for the board game Go as a 5 dan player. I also play competitive chess (1600 CFC) and poker (NLHE cash).
  • I performed on breakdance, hiphop, and bachata dance teams.
  • I lived in Toronto, North Carolina, the Galapagos Islands, Beijing, and Seattle.

📞 Contact

firstinitial lastname g @ gmail