Patrick Lung

Patrick Lung

I am exploring startup ideas at South Park Commons. I live in San Francisco.

On leaving Uniswap to build something new
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Previously, I was a product manager at the largest decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (Uniswap). I have also been head of product for an acquired crypto startup (Genie), first product hire for an acqui-hired AI startup (Kite), and a PM at Lyft, Microsoft, and Teespring.

I thrive working on consumer experiences, data-driven growth, and technical projects. I like big visions and small details.

I studied computer science at the University of North Carolina on a full-ride merit scholarship.


I’m exploring startup ideas across crypto, productivity, and B2B SaaS.

Crypto exploration
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Please reach out to share your thoughts! Give me your email if you’d like to get my monthly progress update.

Personal Life

I’m a dad who used to surf, hike, and social dance bachata. I’m shaped by my past:

  • I’m a world-class Go player (6 dan rating), having represented Canada in international tournaments. I also played competitive chess (1600 rating) and grinded online poker.
  • I performed with bachata, salsa, and hiphop dance teams.
  • I lived in Toronto, North Carolina, the Galapagos Islands, Beijing, and Seattle.

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