Let’s work together

I’m looking for a cofounder to explore startup ideas full-time.

This is my first attempt to document my approach to this search, so nothing is set in stone. Click the triangle next to each bullet to learn more.

About me

I write code.
  • I can build basic web front end, write scraping scripts, and handle data queries. I’m able to learn new programming languages as needed. Even without a cofounder, I’m able to prototype.
  • I majored in computer science and participate in hackathons, winning 2nd place at an internal Uniswap hackathon category by myself this year.
  • I’m easy to work with. Although I’ve been a product manager since college, I’ve learned from working with eng teams from startups to big tech, and on technical projects like developer tools and backend infra
I have work experience doing UX design
  • I handled design at a previous startup since we didn’t have a designer
  • I am able to craft a Figma design, build a Figma prototype, then build it in React.
I have experience, and enjoy, growth hacking, sales, and go-to-market

I have brought creativity and hustle to getting sales for my entire life.

  • In college, I sold $1500 worth of t-shirts in one weekend by writing in chalk around my campus. I got $500 of Lyft and Uber credits by creating custom promotion images and posting them in freshman orientation Facebook groups
  • In high school, I won election to student council by a landslide with a rick-roll-inspired candidate poster. When I was in middle school, I made money by trading items in MMORPGs and playing online poker. When I was 8, I made money reselling candy on the school playground.
I have startup experience from 4 startups
  • At Genie (pre-funding), I learned how to go from insight to launching a feature in a day, doing whatever it takes to unblock engineering, and how to collaborate in real-time.
  • At Kite (Series A), I learned the importance of being problem-focused. This means not being a solution in search of a problem, knowing clearly what success looked like, and the difference between a vitamin and painkiller.
  • At Teespring (Series A), I learned the importance of a lean team, fast experiments, and positive unit economics.
  • At Uniswap (Series A, B when I left), I learned the importance of focus on a few areas over taking too many bets, hiring only who is needed instead of growing too quickly, and having a clear product vision to work towards.
I have built in consumer and enterprise
  • I shipped many features of our NFT marketplace as Head of Product at Genie, which was acquired, and subsequently at Uniswap. I then led our backend team through two migrations.
  • I launched a new pay model for drivers as a Sr PM at Lyft, created two new teams, and shipped our biggest earnings change ever.
  • I expanded our AI code completion tool from 1 language to 13 languages, plus launched our paid enterprise tier, as first product hire at Kite.
  • I led the Windows and Mac PowerPoint teams as a PM at Microsoft, and led growth for our AI design (Designer) and copywriting products (Editor).
I am open to a wide range of ideas and markets.

I’m interested in problems in crypto, personal productivity, and B2B SaaS. Here are some of mine:

I’m excited to ideate, explore unfamiliar markets, and build mockups.

I expect to spend most of my time in the coming months doing market and user research, building Figma prototypes to validate ideas, and coding only after we’ve gotten interest. I plan to go through the following ideation lifecycle recommended by South Park Commons:

I have an edge in fundraising, and especially so in crypto
  • I am a member of South Park Commons. They provide hands-on support with fundraising, have a network of 300+ funds, and also provide support in the ideation phases. There’s also a free co-working space you can join me at in SoMa.
  • I have a strong crypto background, having worked at Uniswap, one of the most well-known companies in crypto, and at an acquired crypto startup. After leaving, I’ve gotten many VCs reaching out.
I work hard and efficiently
  • My wife and I have a 1-year old daughter. I generally work 50-55 hours per week from 8-6pm, with limited availability on evenings and weekends. I can stretch on this every so often, but I won’t be able to work 70+ hour weeks regularly.
  • I’ve been told I’m methodical. Every morning, and throughout the day, I make sure the work I’m doing is always the most important work. I do weekly sprints and have accountability partners. Here are my past monthly updates.

About you

You write code.
  • You’re excited to build products, and are comfortable learning new technologies as needed. I’m not looking for a specific skillset, since I understand that ideas change as we investigate deeper.
You live in the SF Bay Area.
  • I like getting to know people in person. My preference would be a hybrid approach where we meet up regularly but also get work done from home.
  • I live in Oakland and go into San Francisco every Wed and Thu to work at South Park Commons in SoMa. I also have a car, so can meet you wherever you are. You can even work at my place in Oakland!
You want to build a business, rather than tinker with new technology
  • You are problem-oriented, rather than solution-oriented. We’re at an inflection point where there are cool developments with crypto and AI, but these are tools in a toolbox. If customers’ problems can be solved without using cutting-edge, and often complex, technology, you find that ideal.
You want to build a venture-scale business, rather than indie-hacking
  • I applaud indie-hackers but believe that making an impact at scale requires funding to grow fast. I’m willing to take whatever time is needed to find founder-market fit and build conviction.
  • At the same time, I’d like to work on a lean team and am OK bootstrapping until we’re ready to raise money.
You generate lots of ideas and are methodical about evaluating them
  • I’d love for brainstorms on one idea to generate many more ideas as we bounce off of each others’ enthusiasm.
  • You don’t get attached to one idea. You are open to iterating on, or discarding, ideas based on market sizing, research, or customer feedback.

Would love to hear from you, even if some of the above don’t match. Contact me at:

firstinitial lastname g at gmail