Effortless email with just your voice

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Market selection

Market selection
Insights - Most people are thinking about incremental improvements for knowledge workers. I think there’s an opportunity to make previously unproductive time, productive. This is from being a busy parents, commuter, and a productivity over-optimizer for years. Also, I use the GTD system and have many tasks for when I’m free with my Phone/Laptop, but never have that time. I have few calls to make. Interested - I’ve been thinking about this for 5 years. I’ve tried many on-demand virtual assistants to varying success, so I know what types of tasks work well.
Market evaluation
Unfair Advantage - No, but I do like GTM. Large/growing market - Virtual assistants are only for the UHNW individual/high up employee. Everyone wants it, no one can afford it. Bringing down price by an order of magnitude would be big. New tech - LLMs can summarize content well, as well as understand natural language, price for API requests are affordable - Matrix allows someone to get messaging apps messages. New behavior - 100M have trusted ChatGPT → people trust AI now - Trend towards a lot more voice messages lately
Talking to people
What do consumers want help with: - Email - Groupchats are hard to keep up with - Time it takes to read content (links) or listen to audio messages Value chain: - Busy parents, doing chores - Commuters
Hypothesis entering sprint
Belief leaving sprint
Customer problem(s)
Busy parents, driving commuters, and C-suite execs want to be productive when their hands are busy.
Did not resolve. Takeaways - I used an ineffective way of gathering feedback - went to online communities, when I should have leveraged my network. Friends and SPC gave best feedback. - work scenarios > personal use cases. Revamped landing page. Only person who echoed personal use case was also a tech early adopter like me. - Light positive feedback from walkers and parents, but not confirmed since no user interview - Expanded audiences to subcontractors (on the go, no compliance, need to reply on-time) and blind/low vision community (tough to find a contact) - Removed dictation use case where you tell it to reply for you. For EA who has a manual and gets emails edited later, still takes 1 year to get to 90% accuracy. Others distrusted dictation to get right.
Market size
1M car commuters per day in Bay Area * $20/month is healthy Car commuters are primary way people get around in USA. Like 1M+ C-suite execs, who would pay $30/mo for Superhuman
Did not investigate.
Growth rate
Consumer: Audio experiences are increasing. Podcasts and audiobooks have been growing steadily, generally for people who like “being productive”. These are our primary competitors, and for this demographic, we’re much more productive. Enterprise: Cold email outreach by sales people is growing. Messages, as we shift towards remote and async work cultures, will grow.
Did not investigate. - Primary competitors are indeed podcasts, audiobooks, daydreaming.
Potential early customers
Bay Area car commuters Likely more open to trying new technologies
Did not speak with. Need to do so.