PEVL Liquidity Provider Summary

  • The highest yield way to farm $BLAST developer airdrop
  • Get a multiple of Blast’s native yield for your liquidity
  • Get 10x the points if you commit to, and then supply, liquidity on launch day

About PEVL

PEVL, a Positive Expected Value Lottery, is a lottery that builds, and maintains large jackpots.

  • Users love a lottery with 1) neutral odds and 2) consistently large jackpots.
  • This is uniquely enabled by LPs who supply funds to maintain a minimal jackpot, in return for the vast majority of rewards.

$BLAST Airdrop

PEVL is the highest yield way to farm the $BLAST airdrop and earn native yield.


PEVL is likely to get a bigger share of $BLAST developer airdrop than other dApps.

  • Blast is likely going to reward developers for both TVL and active transacting users.
  • As a lottery protocol that serves everyday users, we do well on both. Many DeFi protocols have high TVL but few users, while web3 games have many users but low TVL.

The majority of PEVL’s developer airdrop will go to liquidity providers.

  • LPs get significant points for providing liquidity. These points claim a majority of our $BLAST developer airdrop.
  • Most dApps are not sharing their developer airdrop with their users.

LPs get more native yield than they would staking with Blast.

  • Every ETH staked on PEVL gets a multiple of native yield. That’s because we generate native yield from users’ lottery entries, and transfer most of it to LPs.

Users’ assets will have small fluctuations over time, but will have neutral expected value.

  • A small portion of your supplied ETH is committed to maintain a jackpot such that it should be a small amount growing or shrinking over time.

Launch bonuses

Users are attracted to big jackpots, and it’s important to have momentum on the first day of mainnet. To incentivize early LPs, we’re offering two bonuses:

  1. A points multiplier for liquidity provided in the first month
    1. If you supply ETH on the first day, we’ll multiply the points awarded by 5x.
    2. Declining bonuses provided for rest of the first month.
  2. A points match if you provide a soft commitment
    1. If you tweet the amount you plan to supply to our protocol, and we retweet it before the launch, we will provide a 100% points match up to that amount.

Try PEVL today

Our MVP lottery, without LP functionality, is playable at

Our lottery with full LP functionality will be launched on testnet too before Blast’s mainnet launch.

Interested in learning more?

For details, DM us on Twitter @pevlxyz or email us at